Why Hire Us for Debt Collection?

Why Hire A Debt Collection Lawyer?

Debt collection is a highly specialized field of practice with its own unique laws, rules, and terminology. Many people without any legal education may understand what a Plaintiff and Defendant are in a lawsuit, but few people know, or have heard of, the terms “replevin,” “writ of execution,” or “garnishments.”

Both federal and state law is frequently enacted in the debt collection area.  As specialists, we keep abreast with changes in the law so that we can help you as efficiently as possible

At Halpern Cottrell Green, we take a different approach. We strive to be available for clients and consumers during business hours, and that everyone who contacts Halpern Cottrell Green can easily discuss their file with an attorney or staff member.
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Our Legal Methods Achieve Success

We Use Our Full Set of Legal Tools on Your Behalf

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Negotiating payment arrangements and monitoring those arrangements for timely payment.


Implementing a plan fast is important in collections. Our lawyers make all calls to debtors, and if we don’t get a response within seven days we can immediately commence litigation

Judgment Enforcement

Enforcing and collecting judgments by skillfully navigating wage garnishments, bank levies, and orders for disclosure.

Equitable Consumer Debt Practices

Investigating credit cards, lines of credit, student loans, promissory notes, deficiencies, and auto loans.

Replivan Actions

Commencing replivan (repossession) actions to recover collateral, such as motor vehicles

Our Special Approach to Collections

  • Only attorneys contact debtors, attempt to persuade them to pays debts owed our clients, and continue to interact with debtors after litigation is commenced and judgments are obtained.
  • We explore all legal and equitable means of collecting delinquent accounts entrusted to our law firm.
  • We communicate with debtors and their counsel in a prompt, courteous,and professional manner, complying with applicable laws, both state and federal.
  • We thoroughly research assets that judgment debtors may own or control, and we garnish and levy on them to satisfy judgments of record.
We are a results oriented collection law firm, keeping clients timely advised of our collection strategies, the status of their cases, and answering any questions about collection law and procedures.

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