Frequently Asked Questions

A debt collection attorney does everything a bill collector does, but also has the legal training and authority to quickly initiate legal proceedings against your debtor. We have a whole host of legal tools at our disposal to attain a fast and just legal judgment for you.

No. More than 90 percent of the collection judgments obtained by Halpern Cottrell Green PA lawyers are entered without the need for testimony from creditors.

Yes. We collect money from and commence litigation against debtors in all of Minnesota’s 87 counties.

Yes. We use best efforts to collect money for creditors, regardless of the dollar amount involved.

Yes, we make several efforts by mail and telephone to persuade debtors to pay or make payment commitments to HALPERN COTTELL GREEN before the option of litigation is presented to you

Yes, the sooner you contact us after the most recent unpaid invoice, the more likely we are able to collect some or all of the balance owed.

The Minnesota Statute of Limitations for commencing a lawsuit for most breach of contract debts is six years. If a debtor purchased “goods” as defined by the Uniform Commercial Code, litigation must be brought within four years.

In legal terms, if a debtor fails to comply with a Payment Stipulation and Confession of Judgment, we apply on an ex parte basis for an immediate Court Order directing the District Court Administrator to enter a money judgment against the debtor, which becomes immediately enforceable.

Pursuant to Court Rules, most of the creditor’s deposit toward costs can be included in the money judgment we seek against the debtor.

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Acquisition International Magazine 2018 Global Excellence Award for Leading Expert in Consumer and Commercial Debts – Minnesota