Debt Collection Strategies

Commercial vs. Consumer Debt Collection

Commercial debt collection and consumer debt collection are different. Consumer debt collection involves situations when an individual owes money to a business (also known as business to consumer or B2C).  Commercial debt collection, on the other hand, involves the recovery of debt for money owed from one business to another (also known as business to business or B2B).  In cases involving commercial debt collection, our experienced lawyers know how to use advanced collections strategies that are necessary to obtain what is legally owed.  It takes more than just the knowledge of federal and state regulations that are currently set in place for consumer debt collection practices. Commercial debt collection requires advanced communications through multiple channels and to multiple entities. 

Communications coming from a debt collection lawyer tend to be taken more seriously and thus be more effective than ones coming from the creditor.
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Commercial vs Consumer Debt Collection Halpern Cottrell Green Debt Collection Attorneys

Our Debt Collection Strategies

Efficient and Thorough Collection Techniques

Effective Negotiation

Sending reminders of the debt and negotiating payment arrangements on an agreed upon schedule.

Fast Implementation

Implementing a plan fast is important in collections. Our lawyers make all calls to debtors, and if we don’t get a response within seven days we can immediately commence litigation.

Equitable Debt Practices

Communicating with debtors in a courteous, and professional manner, complying with applicable laws, both state and federal.

Skillful Judgment Enforcement

Enforcing and collecting judgments by skillfully navigating wage garnishments, bank levies, and orders for disclosure.

Knowledgeable Use of Replivan Actions

Commencing replivan (repossession) actions to recover collateral, such as assets that debtors own or control.

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